Pitaya Foods and a Superfruit with Superpowers

Pitaya Foods and a Superfruit with Superpowers

Posted by Chris Leguizamon

3 years ago | November 22, 2021

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If a kiwi and beet had a baby, it would be a dragon fruit. 

This is how Chuck Casano, Founder and CEO of San Diego company Pitaya Foods, describes dragon fruit (a.k.a. “pitaya”)—sweet yet earthy.

Dragon fruit and #ISOWhile working for a non-profit in Nicaragua, Chuck fell in love with dragon fruit and realized he could help improve the local communities by exporting the fruit. Together with his friend Ben they began bringing dragon fruit to the world. Pitaya Foods was created over 11 years ago with a focus on supporting local economies, organic farming, and promoting social and environmental responsibility.

We love what Chuck and Ben are doing as it overlaps with Pure’s ethos to support organic farming and family farms—which is why we’re excited to partner with them and use their dragon fruit in our brews (#ISO coming back soon in cans, and Altered Frequencies kombucha currently on draft).



Farmer and dragon fruitFounded on a promise to help 10 small family-owned farms obtain USDA Organic certification and purchase 100% of the organic dragon fruit they could produce, Pitaya Foods has thus far helped over 830 family farms get organic certified. Not only that, they ensure the working conditions are optimal for everyone involved. With anywhere from two to 10 people with children living on these farms, the company is currently supporting over a thousand families.

 When we asked Chuck what organic farming means to him, he shared that it means pesticide- and chemical-free. “The best part of organic requirements is that all areas have to be maintained and almost trash-free. These requirements have forced the cleanup of so many farms and the surrounding areas, resulting in a beautiful, clean green space” (picture extremely fertile rich areas on the backsides of volcanoes). What’s more, his company is currently piloting regenerative agriculture in Nicaragua and hopes to be Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) certified in the near future.



Pitaya Foods also supports a large population of single mothers in Central America who struggle to find steady jobs. They have been able to provide over 200 jobs for single moms (a.k.a. supermoms!). In exchange for processing the fruit from fresh to frozen, the supermoms are paid above minimum wage with contributions to their social security as well.



Dragon fruitIn case we need any more reason to love Pitaya Foods, they have protected over 600 hectares from deforestation, operate out of one of the only solar-powered facilities in Central America, and have injected over $25 million into the local economy. Talk about using business as a force for good!

“We believe that focusing on better quality in every aspect of our business, from farms to customers, equals better health for all,” says Chuck and Ben. “Better quality. Better health. For people, product and planet.”

Cheers to that!