Brewing for a Better Tomorrow: Patagonia Provisions x Pure Project Kernza® Lager

Brewing for a Better Tomorrow: Patagonia Provisions x Pure Project Kernza® Lager

Posted by Winslow Sawyer

1 month ago | April 10, 2024

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We’re thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Patagonia Provisions, a company whose values deeply resonate with ours. Our shared commitment to sustainability and innovation has led us to embark on a journey to create something truly special—a lager brewed with organic and regeneratively-grown Kernza®



Image courtesy of The Land Institute

Kernza is a perennial grain developed by The Land Institute in 2008. It stands as a beacon of innovative agriculture, offering a promising solution to the environmental challenges facing industrial farming. Kernza differs significantly from conventional annual grains like wheat and corn due to its perennial nature, meaning it regrows year after year without requiring replanting (unlike annual grains, which must be planted yearly). This contrast in growth pattern offers several advantages. 

This perennial grain’s deep root system helps prevent soil erosion, promotes soil health, and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. Moreover, Kernza demands less water and fewer inputs compared to annual grains, further helping to fight the environmental crisis. 

Culinarily, Kernza has a nutty flavor profile, delivering a unique taste while also providing a greater source of protein, fiber, and amino acids than annual wheat1. Its ability to thrive in diverse climates and its potential to reduce the ecological footprint of growing grain highlight the transformative role of Kernza as a more sustainable crop within the food system.


Patagonia Provisions is the food division of the renowned outdoor clothing and gear company Patagonia. It was launched in 2012 with the mission of providing high-quality, regeneratively-grown food products that mirror the company’s commitment to environmental conservation and ethical sourcing.

Photo by Amy Kumler

Patagonia Provisions focuses on partnering with farmers, fishermen, and other producers who employ regenerative agricultural practices, prioritize organic ingredients, and minimize environmental impact. Their product range includes responsibly sourced seafood, organic crackers and pastas, and, of course, beer! Through this initiative, Patagonia Provisions aims to raise awareness about food systems, drive demand for regenerative organic crops, and inspire us all to make more environmentally conscious decisions in our daily lives.

In the summer of 2023, Patagonia Provisions initiated their pilot brewery partnership program, collaborating with 11 independent craft breweries across the U.S to scale regenerative and organic ingredients within the brewing industry. Kernza Lager partner breweries have sourced more than 40,000 pounds of organic ingredients, including more than 6,000 pounds of Regenerative Organic Certified® Kernza to date.

“This partnership with Patagonia Provisions accentuates our belief that by prioritizing regenerative agriculture and minimizing our environmental footprint, we can inspire positive change in both the brewing industry and beyond,” says Pure Project Co-Founder Mat Robar.


Crafting this collaborative lager has been exhilarating, and using 100% organic ingredients makes this beer taste even better. We started with organic, regeneratively-grown Kernza from Mad Agriculture for this first batch—along with organic Admiral Pils malt from Admiral Maltings—and finished it off with organic Motueka hops from NZ Hops in New Zealand. The beer’s bright citrus flavor, with bready and nutty undertones and a crisp finish perfectly capture the essence of the Kernza perennial grain and other organic ingredients, while delivering a clean and delicious drinking experience. 

Beyond just creating a tasty brew, this collaboration amplifies the importance of supporting farmers who champion regenerative agriculture practices. By sourcing organic Kernza from Mad Agriculture, we’re not only producing a beer with exceptional ingredients, but also supporting the growth of a more sustainable food system, starting at the root.


At Pure Project, sustainability isn’t a term we take lightly—it’s a core value that guides everything we do. Our partnership with Patagonia Provisions allows us to boost our impact and inspire others, including fellow breweries, to prioritize environmental stewardship in their own endeavors. By using beer as a force for good, we’re brewing for a brighter future.

The Patagonia Provisions x Pure Project Kernza Lager is now available on draft at all five of our taproom locations. Come grab a pint, crowler, or growler of this incredible collaboration.