Beyond Barley: Gluten-Reduced and Gluten-Free Options

Beyond Barley: Gluten-Reduced and Gluten-Free Options

Posted by Chris Leguizamon

2 weeks ago | February 8, 2024

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“Does Pure Project have any gluten-free options?” We get this question a lot!

We DO offer many gluten-reduced options (and one of our hard kombuchas, Shallow Skies, has been tested as gluten-free!). Here is some more information about our offerings that might help you understand if these options could work for you.



Rove is our core light lager, finishing at a light and refreshing 4.2% ABV. This beer uses Brewers Clarex – an enzyme that breaks down gluten, prevents haze, and helps stabilize the beer. Rove is ultra-refreshing and beautifully crafted with only the essentials: water, malt, hops, and a clean lager yeast. Each sessionable sip delivers tastes of pear and honeysuckle, with a touch of herbal and bready notes that round out the balanced flavor profile. And the even better news? You can find this gluten-reduced beer at all of our taprooms and online year-round.

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hard kombucha

This alcoholic alternative to beer uses locally sourced honey instead of grains for fermentable sugars. Our kombuchas are brewed seasonally and are made with gluten-free ingredients (but in a facility where wheat is present). We are proud to announce that one of our most-loved hard kombuchas, Shallow Skies, has been tested for gluten and is gluten-free! Though all of our kombuchas are made with gluten-free ingredients, we hope to continue testing these delicious brews for gluten. Since our offerings rotate, we recommend checking your local Pure tap list to see what hard kombucha we have currently on tap or available cans to-go at the moment.

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Smoothie beers are a unique and fruity alternative to your average hop- and grain-forward brew. The base of this fruit-forward beverage is a seltzer base – which is made of corn sugar and seltzer yeast. We brew this style seasonally and use gluten-free ingredients (but in a facility where wheat is present). You can always count on our smoothie beers to be made with the highest-quality ingredients, and to hit the spot on a warm summer day.

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Unsure what to order or have questions? We’re always happy to discuss our offerings in more detail! Email us at [email protected] or call any of our taproom locations during business hours to talk to a knowledgeable Pure Project beertender.

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