Please submit this form if you are interested in having Pure Project donate or participate in your event.

Thank you for your interest in having Pure Project participate in your event.

A couple notes before you complete this form:
  • We require at least 30 days’ notice for all donations.
  • We only donate to registered 501(c) organizations (and usually those focusing on environmental causes); we will require a copy of your registration document.
  • If your state requires it, you must have a temporary permit (i.e. liquor license) in the name of your non-profit to serve any alcohol for fundraising purposes at your event. To find out if you need to obtain a temporary permit, please contact your local alcohol regulatory agency (e.g. California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control).
  • Please remember that our product is intended solely for those of legal drinking age.
  • Finally, please note that, due to the large volume of requests we receive, we cannot participate in all the events that we would like to! We will respond only to those requests we can accommodate.
We appreciate you thinking of us and we hope to have the opportunity to work together.

P.S. If you are interested in hosting your event at one of our taproom locations, please head over to this page to submit your inquiry. Cheers!