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The Story of Pure Project

The story of Pure Project is a crooked path that winds its way from the jungles of Costa Rica all the way back to The Capital of Craft here in San Diego.  Learn about how Pure Project and the ethos behind the company came to be direct from the mouths of the founders. More Pure Project Videos

Pure Project


Meet Lodge Ranch Organics, a 103-year-old citrus and avocado farm in San Diego, where the unique microclimate and top-quality soil and water translate into superior tasting fruit. We’ve been squeezing their fresh Valencia oranges into our core blonde ale, Tropical Mist, and hope you can taste the difference. More Pure Project Videos

Pure Project


Meet Mikolich Family Honey—local beekeeper and honey maker whom Pure has partnered with since we planted our roots in San Diego. The Mikolich family does everything in their nature to ensure safe and sustainable bee practices, and you can taste the quality in their seasonal varieties as a result. More Pure Project Videos

Pure Project


We took our team to the farm to taste the strawberries we picked for Strawberry Fest 2021. From our brewers to our beertenders, everyone had the opportunity for a hands-on experience to check out the fields where they were grown, get to know the family that grew them, and truly connect with the ingredients.  More Pure Project Videos

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Yosemite Facelift

One of our favorite #PUREINTHEWILD events each year is the Yosemite Facelift. This gathering is focused on a collaborative clean up of Yosemite National Park. Altogether, hundreds of volunteers, from all walks of life, teamed up to pack thousands of pounds of trash out of every nook and cranny in the park.  More Pure in the Wild Videos

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Strawberry Festival

Every year as we get ready for Pure Project’s Strawberry Festival, we go to the farm and learn about organic farming, how it helps the farmers, the crops, and why it makes for great beer. In this video you get to hear the history of one of the oldest Organic Farms in San Diego County and  join the Pure family in a daily of slightly rainy strawberry picking.  More Pure Project Videos

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San Diego Business Edition

San Diego is home to several 1% For The Planet companies that are leading the way not just in their industries, but in corporate responsibility as well. Learn about 5 local San Diego Companies (including Pure Project) and why they have choosen to become apart of 1% For The Planet. More Sustainability, Giving & Non-Profit Videos