1% for the Planet Partner: Kiss the Ground

1% for the Planet Partner: Kiss the Ground

Posted by Mat Robar

2 years ago | December 20, 2021

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If there’s something that unites humanity, it’s that we all rely on food to survive. Whether we eat plant or animal foods, we need healthy soil to fuel the food we eat. Soil health determines plant health, animal health, human health, ecosystem health, and even the health of the climate. Soil health is essential for sequestering carbon, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, storing water, and improving the land’s resilience to climate change.

Regenerative agricultureUnfortunately, many of our farming practices (such as tilling and the use of pesticides) damage the health of the soil over time with potentially serious consequences. Thankfully, there is hope. By regenerating the world’s soils, not only can we stabilize our climate, but we can also replenish our vast water supplies, restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant global food supplies.

Regenerative agriculture is the solution. And our newest non-profit partner, Kiss the Ground, is on a mission to awaken people to the possibilities of this “new, old approach” to farming.



You may have seen the film, Kiss the Ground (and if not, we highly recommend it!). This film was produced by a non-profit organization of the same name. Kiss the Ground was established in 2013 as a grassroots advocacy organization with the goal of creating social awareness around the extraordinary potential of healthy soil. Since its inception, the non-profit has educated and activated millions of people. Its mission stands strong: not only to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration, but also to inspire participation in the movement through immersive media and education initiatives.



Kiss the GroundFarmland

The Farmland Program supports farmers and ranchers in transition to regenerative agriculture by providing access to resources, like soil health training, funding, educational materials, and a growing community of regenerative producers and land stewards at various stages of regeneration.


The Stewardship Program is an education platform, and community and resource hub that provides education for existing and emerging leaders who want to be stewards of the planet. The program empowers these leaders to participate in, advocate for, and help build awareness for the need to scale up regenerative agriculture.


Kiss the Ground’s Media Program uses storytelling to educate, inspire, and connect millions to the regenerative movement through short-films, mini docs, a podcast, branded collaborations, and other content.


Kiss the Ground’s Policy Department builds political will for the regenerative agriculture movement by supporting the general public in getting involved in policy, and by working directly with federal, state, and local policymakers to advance regenerative agriculture.


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