Six Years of Pure: More than Beer

Six Years of Pure: More than Beer

Posted by Mat Robar

2 years ago | January 3, 2022

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You’ve probably heard how Pure’s beginnings are rooted in Costa Rica (and if not, check out the full story here). Our founders’ vision to use beer as a force for good resonated deeply with others and has served as a foundation upon which the Pure team has grown.

As we come up on our 6th anniversary, we asked our longest standing team members—those who continue to foster the culture Jesse, Mat and Winslow envisioned—one question: Why Pure?




Robby, Director of Operations
Pure birthday: 3/22/2016

RobbyI oversee the daily operations throughout the many departments at Pure Project.

Pure Project not only makes world class beer, it has also created a community within the company and beyond. Each person who works here embodies the culture in unique ways, whether it be compassion for the environment, the drive to create the best product, or the energy to take on any task and own it. This makes for a dynamic and ever-growing community, as well as a culture you can be proud to be part of and strive to be your best professionally and personally.


Mike, Logistics Manager
Pure birthday: 5/4/2016

MikeThrough COVID, I went from Sales / Distribution Manager to Logistics Manager, but as we move into 2022 I am excited to get back to focusing on wholesale sales, getting our beers out to the people!

I love that we’re always looking to find a better way to do things, not just the easiest option. Whether that’s sourcing organic brewing ingredients, recycled packaging materials, or finding 100% recycled merchandise. We have a focus as a company that is very unique and special. I am stoked to be part of such a powerful force in the beer industry!


Jensen, Director of Brewing Operations
Pure birthday: 8/1/2016

JensenI oversee the entire production of beer at both Miramar and Vista, from production planning, ordering ingredients, and brew days to fermentation, barrel-aging, and packaging. I have been with the company for over five years now and have also worked in almost every facet of the brewery.

What I love about Pure Project is that everyone who works for this company really cares about the brewery and the beer that’s being produced. We always say that everyone in this company makes the beer, from our production staff to our front of house employees to the behind the scenes marketing/social media employees. Relaying the stories that make Pure Project what it is and what it stands for is what I love about this company.


Sara, General Manager of Pure Balboa Park Taproom
Pure birthday: 6/14/2017

SaraI manage our Balboa Park Tasting Room & Biergarten.

I love the people that Pure attracts, from our team members to our amazing customers and the community we support through our non-profits and 1% for the Planet partners. The beer community is very tight-knit and inclusive and my favorite part of my job is getting to work alongside these amazing humans to create a force for good that is bigger than beer.



Kira, Director of Retail Operations
Pure birthday: 9/5/2017

KiraI oversee all of our taproom retail locations. Anything from assisting in the building process of new locations to hiring our teams and helping our taproom General Managers grow their location to become more successful each year.

I love working for Pure because everything we do here builds up and protects the places I love. We’re trying to inspire on levels bigger than beer—from our community to our forests and oceans, and even on a policy level to protect our future generations. This year, we’ll plant 10,000 trees; by 2030 we’ll have planted 100,000. Each day truly makes a difference we can measure and be proud of.



Though we have come a long way from where we started, our vision remains the same. We are a brewery that goes beyond the business of beer with the firm belief that beer can be used as a force for good.

A sincere thanks to our founders and each of our team members for cultivating such a strong culture around this vision. And cheers to YOU for your support, today and always. We wouldn’t be able to create such an impact without you. Here’s to many more years to come!

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