Tropical Mist: Protecting the Planet One Pint At a Time

Tropical Mist: Protecting the Planet One Pint At a Time

Posted by Mat Robar

3 years ago | October 1, 2021

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Here at Pure, we’re on a mission to not only build a reverence for beer as an agricultural product, but to brew unique, ingredient-driven beers with the fierce belief that beer can be a force for good. With our roots in Costa Rica, we have always been inspired by the environment around us, making beers that showcase local and sustainable high-quality ingredients.



Tropical Mist, a beer for goodOne such beer is Tropical Mist, a citrus blonde ale inspired by our time in Costa Rica watching the post-rain mist rolling off the jungle. This brew is built on a base of California-grown organic barley from Admiral Maltings, and includes unmalted Patwin wheat from Durst Family Farms, a sixth generation farm that practices no-till and soil conservation farming methods in the Sacramento Valley. Tropical Mist is topped off with local and organic Valencia oranges from Lodge Ranch Organics, a 102-year-old farm in San Diego. The oranges in the beer are complemented by our signature murky IPA yeast that produces bright citrus esters and leaves the beer with a misty appearance.



But that’s not all. Tropical Mist gives back in bigger ways. In collaboration with Plastic Bank, every pint of Tropical Mist produced will prevent an estimated two pounds of ocean-bound plastic.

Pounds for Pints, beer for goodWe call it Pounds for Pints. This was the original framework we used to help clean up the beaches of Costa Rica back when Pure Project (then called Manuel Antonio Brewing Company) was born. These days, we are pretty stoked and humbled to amplify the impact of that initial program by partnering with Plastic Bank, a global social enterprise working to not only stop ocean plastic, but also improve the lives of those who help collect it.

In 2020, our Pounds for Pints initiative with Plastic Bank prevented over 70,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic from entering the oceans. That’s nearly 1,700,000 plastic bottles! And we’re only just getting started. One of our 10-year sustainability goals is to remove over 1,000,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic together with Plastic Bank.

With Tropical Mist, you know you’re getting a better planet in a pint glass. Cheers to that!


*Please note:

As of 2022, the Pounds for Pints program is no longer active. However, we are currently certified Net Zero Plastic Waste through Plastic Credit Exchange and offset 200% of our plastic usage.