Cooking with Pure: Juicy Bratwurst

Cooking with Pure: Juicy Bratwurst

Posted by Makenna Barris

8 months ago | October 24, 2023

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Enjoy Pure beer beyond the glass, and let your culinary creativity SHINE!

Did you know our friends at Biersal use Pure Project beer to flavor their bratwursts?

Cooking brats in boiling beer keeps them juicy and adds flavor! It also makes the brat casing more pliable, so it’s less likely to bust open when the brats get transferred to the grill grate—resulting in a juicer brat.

If you’re craving this delicious foodie creation, grab your favorite brats, some Rain, and follow Biersal’s recipe below to make your own juicy bratwurst!


🔹 Bring brat to a boil in Pure Project beer (Biersal uses Rain or Rove for this recipe). Reduce heat & simmer until it’s cooked all the way through (about 10-12 min.)
🔹 Sear on a flat top or skillet with melted butter⁠
🔹 Toast the bun⁠ of your choice
🔹 Place the brat in the bun
🔹 Top with your favorite toppings (Biersal uses mustard, sauerkraut & pickled red onions⁠!)
🔹 Enjoy with a pint of cold Rain or your favorite Pure beer (optional)


Where you can get Rain for the recipe:

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