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do what’s right. even if it costs more

This little saying has become a mantra in our business as decisions arise everyday that pose the question: “Do you want to get it done, or get it done right?”  A large number of these decisions fall around issues that concern sustainability. Organic or conventional? Biodegradable or plastic? Donate to non-profits or reinvest?

These types of questions arise often and it helps to have that north star to guide us.  To be clear, we are far from perfect, but we are learning, and the 6 areas below are where we chose to focus our efforts.

Our 6 Focus Areas of Sustainability

Reduce Impact

every day, every decision, it all matters

The first and most visible pillar of our sustainability focus involves reducing our impact upfront at our breweries and tap rooms.  This takes on many forms, from reducing plastic wrap usage by utilizing oversized rubber bands to sourcing better ingredients more locally.

On the ingredient front, the most beneficial ingredient we can source sustainably is grain, which accounts for over 90% of every beer we produce.  To address this we partnered with Admiral Maltings, a small craft maltster in Alameda, California to purchase their California grown dry farmed, no-til and organic varietals for use here at Pure Project.  We are proud to be one of the largest purchasers of these locally sourced and sustainably farmed grains in the country.  In addition to grain, we have developed numerous direct to supplier relationships with local and regional organic & biodynamic farms, orchards, bee keepers and more.

On the waste reduction front, we employ various waste reduction methods such the rubber bands described above, to eliminating plastic snap packs for to go beer to using recycled paper products, reusing grain bags for trash, hand dryers in bathrooms, organic cotton & recycled plastic merchandise, long lasting stainless steel insulated beer growlers and more.  We also take care in who we source our merchandise from, and choose other 1% For The Planet Companies and B Corps whenever possible like Klean Kanteen, Chico Bags and Miir.

Our Partners

Clean & Restore

offset damage and strive for a better future

It is not a matter of IF a business creates an impact, but rather how much.  We realize that we have an impact and seek to reduce it as much as possible through our first sustainability pillar: reduce impact.

As a company, we are currently in the process of making our entire operation both plastic and carbon neutral.  This is no small task and has been a long term goal for us to achieve before the end of 2020. Beyond our own impact, our beer as a force for good philosophy extends beyond our walls in an effort to make both our local area and the world a better place for all forms of life, from humans to animals and plants.”

We currently partner with organizations like Surfrider and San Diego Coastkeeper to keep our local waterways and watersheds clean for all to enjoy.  Internationally we work with an amazing organization called Plastic Bank to clean plastics from impoverished countries effectively cutting off the flow of plastics into the ocean while at the same time empowering the collectors on the ground to help eliminate the root cause of such pollution: poverty.

Our Partners

Protect & Conserve

if you love something, you have a duty to protect it

Pure Project was founded in a National Park, so we may be a little biased, but wild lands benefit everyone; from the humans who take solace and recreate in them, to the countless animal and plant populations protected by them.  Not to mention the earth which utilizes these undeveloped lands to both restore and repair itself through natural processes.

To that end, we have partnered with The Conservation Alliance whose mission is to permanently protect and conserve wild areas to be enjoyed by all.  Since their inception in 1989 they have protected over 51 million acres, 3,107 river miles, removed or halted 34 dams, purchased 14 climbing areas & designated 5 marine reserves.

In addition, several of our other non-profit partners also work partially in conservation, including Surfrider and Protect Our Winters.

Our Partners

Educate & Uplift

knowledge is power

We choose to believe that inherently people are good at heart, and if given the proper information and education, those people will make better decisions for themselves, their neighbors and for the planet.  This aspect of our focus is about raising awareness and tackling the problems of today, while also planting seeds to ensure a beautiful and prosperous future as well.  In house you see this as us producing and releasing educational content around our brewing, sourcing and sustainability ethos and raising awareness for our non-profit partners and in their core areas of work.

All of our non-profit partners have an education and uplift component to their work.  Plastic Bank for example educates their workers on the ground collecting plastic while at the same time providing them with jobs to help lift them out of poverty ending the cycle that creates the issue in the first place.  Outdoor Outreach provides underprivileged youth with opportunities to spend time in, experience and eventually work in the outdoors creating lifelong environmental stewards with a view of hope for their future.  Protect our Winters, Coastkeeper, Surfrider and The Conservation Alliance all raise awareness around key environmental issues (both local and nationally) and empower voters with the information they need to make better decisions as well as opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

Our Partners

Promote Organic & Regenerative Agriculture

Our land is our life

It is no secret that industrial farming, an over use of pesticides and short sited mono-cropping and other commercial farming methods have stripped a great deal of our land bare leaving our soil depleted, our crops at risk for disease, our ground and waterways polluted and our lands at risk of erosion.  Not to mention the major role that healthy soil plays in the fight against excess carbon in our atmosphere with healthy soil holding up to 10x as much carbon as depleted soil.

All that said, there are people doings things right and the earth and our soils have an amazing ability to both regenerate and heal.

At Pure Project, by supporting the organic and biodynamic farmers who are taking the extra time, care and cost to do things right, we vote with our dollars and put money back into the hands of those who are taking care of the earth naturally, just by the way they farm. Plus, it is worth noting that the food and crops produced by these farmers just plain tastes better as well and that translates directly into the beer.

Look for a new partnership in this arena coming soon as well…

Our Partners

Legislate for a Better Future

every vote counts

In today’s political climate, many decisions about the future and health of our planet will be made at local, regional, national and international levels.  Education of the voting population and representation at the governmental levels necessary are integral for positive environmental legislation to happen.

An educated voter will be able to make a better informed decision for themselves, their family and the planet.  Having a voice at the various levels of government also ensures that both sides are equally represented providing again a better educated voting population.

Our non-profit partners Protect Our Winters, The Conservation Alliance, San Diego Coastkeeper and Surfrider both dedicate a large amount of efforts to educating and raising awareness among the voting population as well as providing a voice into government that an individual may not have alone.

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