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Everyday California

NOTE: TENMILE Limited Bottle Release Lottery is Open!

The Idea…

Living in California is something truly special.  The weather, the surf, the mountains, the desert and the amazing cities are all part of it.  But, there is something else… something intangible.

pure project & everyday california

There is an optimism in California.  A romantic sense of hope for the future and ones ability to live the life they imagine, a life that matters.  Just walk down to the water and talk to the glowing faces on the beach or an aspiring actor on the blvd or even a tech entrepreneur up in the Bay Area.  You will see a lust and passion for life and the pursuit of dreams that you just don’t find anywhere else.

This is the California Spirit and this is what we wanted to showcase with our first “wet hop” beer, an All California Sourced Ingredient Beer called EVERYDAY CALIFORNIA.  A tribute to both the agriculture and the intangible, indomitable spirit of this great state.

To do this right,  we teamed up with none other than the embodiment of this spirit and the inspiration for the name, local entrepreneurs Chris Lynch & Mike Samer from the Adventure & Clothing Brand of Everyday California.

everyday california - mike samer

These guys do it right, growing their business right here in La Jolla, California with a growing local workforce & locally sourced material and manufacturing.  Sure it costs a bit more to produce things here in California, but they know that you will see the difference in quality.

The Beer…

The same is true for this beer.  Made with California Select grain from Northern California, scarce local hops from San Diego Golden Hop Farm in Fallbrook and yeast propagated right down the street at White Labs.

picking hops

We set out to create a proud and unique beer to humbly wear the mantle of EVERYDAY CALIFORNIA and Winslow delivered the goods.

Sure it may take a bit longer to source the ingredients and cost us a bit more to produce, but we know you will be able to taste the difference.

We invite you to raise a glass with us… “To California!”

Everyday California IPA

Here are your tasting notes:

ABV- 7%

A true California IPA using only California Sourced Ingredients and local wet hops.  The grain comes form Northern California, the hops From SD Golden Hop Farm in Fallbrook and the yeast from White Labs right down the street.  This beer is both a tribute to the agriculture and the spirit of this great state.

The fresh hops produce strong aromas of grapefruit and mango to pair with the flavors of pine, fresh grass, mangosteen and citrus.  

A faint sweetness lingers on the palate after the initial subtle bitterness has fades allowing the more floral flavors and aromas of the Nugget, Chinook & Cascade hops to shine through.  A light, clean and crushable IPA.

Everyday California Beer

EVERYDAY CALIFORNIA will be available at the Pure Project Tap room in Miramar as well as the below locations starting Wednesday September 7th.

Additional Locations:

Bottlecraft Little Italy
Shore Rider La Jolla
The Rabbit Hole
Pacific Beach Local
The Local Downtown
Wonderland Ocean Beach
Bayside Landing
Clems Bottle House
Go get one (or three) before it’s gone…


Pure Project Everyday California

NOTE: TENMILE Limited Bottle Release Lottery is Open!

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