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Tropical Mist

Tropical Mist

Beer Style:

Citrus Blonde Ale



Tropical Mist was inspired by watching the post-rain mist rolling off the jungle in Costa Rica (where Pure Project began). This blonde ale is fermented with our house murky yeast, forming a brew with a slightly hazy, straw-colored glow. Crushed organic Valencia oranges from Lodge Ranch Organics give Tropical Mist a super refreshing finish, made for sipping slowly in the San Diego sunshine.



Appearance: Slightly Hazy Straw Color
Aroma: Bright Oranges, Lemon Meringue Pie, Refreshing  
Flavor: Vanilla, Lemony, Biscuit 
Mouthfeel: Medium Body and Smooth



The key ingredient to Tropical Mist is the 5+ pounds of organic oranges added per barrel. These hail from local Lodge Ranch Organics, whom we have partnered with since 2017.

In the second installment of our ingredient video series, we’d like to introduce you to Ray Lodge of Lodge Ranch Organics. His 103-year-old citrus and avocado farm is in Northeast San Diego County, where the unique microclimate and top-quality soil and water translate into superior-tasting fruit. 


Check your local tap list for Tropical Mist on tap!

Tropical Mist

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