Draft Only Release, Balboa Park, Carlsbad, Miramar, Vista

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Triple Draft Release: Absolute Zero, Auria, & Into the Earth

As we gear up for Oktoberfest (and stein fills!), we are excited to release three brand new beers on draft at all taproom locations on Thursday, September 16th. Be sure to try a fresh pour of all three, and/or take a fill home with you. Here’s all the beer details:



Cold IPA with Wet Hop Strata
6% ABV

Absolute Zero is a Cold IPA that truly celebrates beer as an agricultural product. It showcases 70 pounds of wet, whole cone Strata hops from Indie Hops in Oregon, which were primely picked from the farm early in the morning on August 25, same-day shipped to us, and added to the beer later that afternoon. This vibrant brew boasts a bouquet of aromas including ruby red grapefruit, ripe strawberry and a whole lot of dank that is unique to using the fresh whole cone. Flavors of pineapple, resin and lemongrass shine bright on the tongue. Built on Admiral Pilsner malt and fermented cold, you can expect a medium-light body that is clean like a lager, but with the aromatics and hop bite of a West Coast IPA. Only once a year can we produce fresh hop beers like this, so we hope you’re able to enjoy a taste of this seasonal delight.



Belgian-Style Witbier with Coriander & Orange
4.7% ABV

Meet Auria, our new Belgian-style witbier. She’s formed on a foundation of grains from the Sacramento area including Admiral Pilsner malt and unmalted Patwin wheat from Durst Family Farms, which together contribute towards her murky white appearance. Auria is brewed with organic coriander, organic Valencia oranges from Lodge Ranch Organics, and Belgian wit yeast. Essences of lemon sorbet, coriander and white pepper waft from the glass and lead to notes of white bread, clove, and citrus zest on the palate. These flavors, along with her round body and slight tang, make Auria unlike anything else on our tap list right now.



Brown Porter
4.2% ABV

Into the Earth is our newest brown porter, dark and rich like the soil beneath our feet (but a whole lot tastier). In line with our continual effort to reduce waste, we brewed this beer out of second runnings (leftover grain) from a stout we created to barrel age—there was an entire beer left in the grain after brewing the stout! But make no mistake—this brew makes its own mark. Aromas reminiscent of crisp brownie corners and toasted pumpernickel bread give way to flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, nuttiness and a subtle woody hop character. Its velvety body and drying finish will leave you digging for more.