Balboa Park, Carlsbad, Miramar, Vista, Bottle / Can Release

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Triple Bottle Release + Coffee: Circular Paradigm, Euphorik with Double Cherry, & River of Truth

In celebration of SD Beer Week, we’ve got a triple bottle release for you! Together with our friends at The Eighth State Brewing Company, we introduce a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with coconut and maple. Also, back by popular demand is our oak barrel-aged feral ale with double cherries. And last but not least, we present the newest member in our quarterly core stout lineup: an imperial stout with coffee and coconut…alongside a special bag of coffee beans—the same beans that were added to the beer!

The bottles and coffee will be released on Thursday, November 11th at all four taproom locations as well as for California shipping. Check out all the details below.





Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Coconut & Maple
13% ABV

We are introducing a beautiful barrel-aged imperial stout with our friends at The Eighth State Brewing Company. Circular Paradigm exquisitely exemplifies bourbon character along with a set of adjuncts for emphasis. Aged with organic Sri Lankan coconut and organic Vermont maple, this stout’s jet-black body exudes aromas of toasted oak, brown sugar, and coconut. With flavors of maple custard, french toast, and chocolate covered honeycomb, this decadent stout will have you circling back for another sip.

Price: $26 / 500ml
Limit: 4 bottles per person

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Available November 11th at 9am.



Oak Barrel-Aged Feral Ale with Double Cherries
6.6% ABV

Euphorik is our take on the American wild ale. We added 1,200 pounds of organic Washington dark tart cherries into this batch and aged it in pinot noir French oak from Napa Valley. This unique beer will delight the senses with flavors and aromas of crushed cherry, cranberry, juicy lemon, cinnamon, and funk. Expect a juicy mouthfeel and dry, tart finish. Our head brewer, Winslow, has spent years creating a proprietary yeast strain specifically for this beer; it provides both the initial funk and the lingering bite that will make you remember the entire experience as purely…”Euphorik.”

Price: $15 / 375ml

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Available November 11th at 9am.



Imperial Stout with Coffee & Coconut
11.2% ABV

Presenting the fourth in our new series of core stouts, River of Truth. We added organic Shantawene coffee from Sidamo, Ethiopia (roasted by our friends at Mostra) and organic Sri Lankan coconut to this imperial stout, resulting in a cascade of aromas including coconut, marzipan, and chocolate mousse. Flavors of espresso fudge, macaroon, vanilla wafer and black treacle flood the senses amidst a full body and velvety mouthfeel.

Price: $22 / 500ml

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Available November 11th at 9am.


coffee DETAILS


Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Shantawene

These organic coffee beans come from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. They were grown by mostly women farmers in the village of Shantawene and were awarded 7th place (of more than 1,400 entries) in the 2020 Cup of Excellence in Ethiopia. Here in San Diego, our friends at Mostra Coffee roasted the beans for our River of Truth imperial stout. Expect a full-bodied dark roast with notes of grape soda, ganache, s’mores, pomegranate juice & brandywine.

Price: $22 / 12oz

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Available November 11th at 9am.





The bottles and coffee will be released at all four taproom locations on Thursday, November 11th. They will be released online at 9am, and they will be available for pickup at all four taproom locations when our taprooms open at 12pm (Miramar, Balboa Park, and Carlsbad) and 3pm (Vista). In other words, you can purchase online OR in person, but please note the bottles and coffee will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis starting with the online orders at 9am.

If you would like to order and pay online for pickup, please place your order at the location where you plan to pickup.

for online orders, please note:
  • Your order is not complete until you check out (no orders are held in shopping cart).
  • At time of purchase you can select your pickup day: same day, next day, or two days out. You must pick up on your selected day and time.
  • If you would like to designate someone else to pickup your order, please place your online order under their name. The name of the person picking up needs to match the name on the order.



A limited amount of both bottles and coffee will be released online for California shipping at 9am on Thursday, November 11th. They will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.