Draft Only Release, Balboa Park, Miramar

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Strawberry Fest Release: Murkshake with Strawberry

Strawberry season is upon us! We’re excited to release your favorite strawberry themed beers again this year, brewed with local organic strawberries from J.R. Organics.

Second in our Strawberry Fest lineup is the return of MURKSHAKE WITH STRAWBERRY!

Here are the details:

Murky Triple IPA with Strawberry & Vanilla
10.5% ABV

Once again, we’re shaking up our Murky Triple IPA game with this cream-tastic brew that packs a pectin punch. Bursting with aroma and flavor from 750 pounds of whole organic strawberries from JR Organics in Escondido, plus an addition of organic Tahitian Vanilla bean that morphs this gigantic brew into a delightfully smooth drinker. There’s a whole lot of goodness in each pour.

MURKSHAKE WITH STRAWBERRY will be released at both of our tap room locations on May 12th.

More about where the strawberries come from:

Located in North Country, San Diego, J.R. Organics is named after Joe Rodriguez, Jr., a third generation farmer on the grounds who helped his father farm conventionally. After several illnesses caused by exposure to agricultural chemicals, Joe asked his father for a small piece of land to start farming organically. In 1986, after successfully growing crops organically for a few years, Joe obtained his CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) certification and J.R. Organics was formed. Since 1986, Joe has expanded his business and taken over the farm. All produce from J.R. Organics is 100% organic and grown in the purest way possible… including the thousands of pounds of strawberries we’ve picked up for our strawberry brews!

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