Miramar, Bottle / Can Release

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Quadruple Can Release: 4 Year Anniversary IPAs!

In honor of our 4th Anniversary, our next can release will feature 4 IPAs: a Single, a Double, a Triple, and a Quadruple!

Here are the details:

Murky IPA with Mosaic Cryo, Rakau & Strata Hops
6.5% ABV

We present to you the Single IPA release for our 4th Anniversary: Offshore Light. Exhilarating and tantalizing like finding a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness. This expressive Murky IPA using intense Mosaic cryo hops from Loftus Ranches (WA), Rakau hops from Freestyle Hops (New Zealand), and Strata hops from Indie Hops (ID). Vibrant tropical notes of pineapple, guava, and lemongrass dance on the palate to excite the senses.

Price: $21 / 4-pack
Limit: 1-6 (4-packs) depending on availability

Murky Double IPA with Sabro, Motueka, Southern Cross & Mosaic Hops
8.5% ABV

We present to you the Double IPA release for our 4th Anniversary: Royal Fortune. This Murky Double IPA showcases juicy and lush stone fruit notes that travel far and wide on this hop voyage. Driving the ship is pina colada-forward Sabro hops and bright tropical Motueka and Southern Cross, while hand-selected Mosaic supports the crew.

Price: $23 / 4-pack
Limit: 1-6 (4-packs) depending on availability

Murky Triple IPA with Simcoe, Sultana, Mosaic & Hallertau Blanc Hops
10.5% ABV

We present to you the Triple IPA release for our 4th Anniversary: Backlit Abyss. This behemoth of an IPA sneaks its big ABV under waves of inviting dank and pineapple core aromas. Simcoe from Scenic Valley (OR) and Sultana hops add a touch of West Coast inspiration, while Mosaic from Loftus Ranches (OR) and delicate Hallertau Blanc brings it back to the murky depth. The flavors will lead you down an incredible hop ride.

Price: $25 / 4-pack

Murky Quadruple IPA with Nelson, Citra Cryo & Cashmere Hops
13% ABV

We present to you the Quadruple IPA release for our 4th Anniversary: Cruel Sea. Bold flavors and perfumey alcohol will toss and turn the taste buds like an intense night at sea. Composed with hand-selected Citra cryo from Wyckoff Farms (WA), Nelson Sauvin from Freestyle Hops, and Cashmere from Mill 95 (ID), flavors meld together to mimic ripe papaya, bruised apricots, and bright orange zest. This intensely flavorful beer will have you lost at sea.

Price: $26 / 4-pack


IMPORTANT PROCEDURES: In an effort to reduce packaging waste, we ask that you please bring your own bag or cooler to transport your beer. For those who do not have bags or a cooler, we will have reusable tote bags on sale for $6. Thank you in advance for helping to reduce unnecessary waste.

OFFSHORE LIGHT, ROYAL FORTUNE, BACKLIT ABYSS, and CRUEL SEA will be sold with a limit of 1-6 (4-packs) depending on availability, per person. They will be sold out of the tap room on a first come, first served basis. 

IMPORTANT RULES: We will be stamping hands this release starting at 9am. You must have a valid ID to receive a stamp and you must have a stamp in order to purchase. If you are not physically standing in your spot, you will be skipped. Receiving a stamp does not guarantee you will receive cans. We will be announcing available case amounts and 4-pack limits per person before 10am, and allotments may be adjusted during the sale pending turnout

PLEASE: NO LINE CUTTING, NO LITTERING, AND NO DRINKING IN THE LINE/PARKING LOTS. We will be monitoring the lines, and any violators will be asked to leave and not be able to purchase cans.⠀

RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS: Do not lean on their windows/doors, sit in their planter boxes, or block the entrance to their suites.⠀

IF YOU are coming to solely to taste and drink beer in the tap room (i.e.- not for can pick-up), we would recommend coming after 12pm as we will be serving people in order, from the line first, to be fair.

DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF GREAT HOUSE. Our parking lot is large, so there is plenty of parking.