Balboa Park, Carlsbad, Miramar, Vista

This event is closed

Keep the Glass (Lambic Edition!)

Come in for a beer on Tuesday, March 1st at any of our taprooms and keep the limited-edition, traditional lambic glass (while supplies last). This is the first in a series of 2022 limited-edition glasses (hint hint: in case you’d like to collect them all!).

Special note: We’ll have our fourth batch of Lief (M√©thode Traditionnelle – 3-Year Blend) fresh on tap for the occasion, which will be released in bottles on March 3rd. Join us on March 1st and enjoy a first taste from this special glassware made for the beer!

  • $18 for a lambic glass alone
  • $20 includes a lambic glass, filled with any non barrel-aged beer under 10% ABV
  • $24¬†includes a lambic glass, filled with any barrel-aged beer, sour or imperial stout

Please note: The glasses will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis, and they are limited, so we recommend arriving earlier than later.

Taproom hours on Tuesday, March 1st: All taproom locations will be open 3-9pm.

We look forward to seeing you!