Draft Only Release, Balboa Park, Carlsbad, Miramar, Vista

This event is closed

Hard Kombucha Release: Shallow Skies

For release on draft is a fresh batch of one of our favorite hard kombuchas, Shallow Skies. Swing by any of our taproom locations starting Thursday, August 26th, for a taste of this refreshing booch.

Hard Kombucha with Rosehips, Rose Petals, & Hibiscus
5% ABV

We explore exotic new frontiers with this Middle Eastern-inspired, coral-colored hard kombucha. We started with a base of black tea and locally sourced honey from Mikolich Farms, then infused it with rose petals from Pakistan, rosehips from Chile, and organic hibiscus from Egypt. This unique combination yields a fragrant floral blend with vibrant sunset hues, and is sure to stun your senses.