Draft Only Release, Balboa Park, Carlsbad, Miramar, Vista

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Hard Kombucha Release: Elemental Garden

Introducing a brand new hard kombucha with Cinsault grapes from J.Brix winery in Escondido! Stop by any of our taproom locations starting Thursday, September 30th, for a taste of this refreshing & unique booch.

Hard Kombucha with Cinsault Grapes
5% ABV

Our newest hard kombucha, Elemental Garden, shines with our sustainably and locally sourced ingredients. Not only is it built on a base of black tea and local wildflower honey from the Mikolich family, it is especially unique due to the addition of Cinsault grapes from J. Brix Wines, a biodynamic winery in Escondido. These grapes—a drought-tolerant Rhône varietal—were given to us after they were pressed for a new vintage of rosé. They produce a beautiful fuchsia color in our booch, giving off essences of cherry, plum, and raspberry that blossom from the glass.