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Bottle Sale: Nucifera

Introducing a brand new Barrel Aged Stout!


IMPORTANT: We anticipate this to be a very high demand sale and we recommend being on the page initiating the purchase right at 10am PST on Tuesday, November 26th. If the bottle says “unavailable” then all available bottles are currently in carts to be purchased. If any carts are dropped or purchases not completed, the bottles will be added back to inventory and become available to purchase again on a first to initiate basis. If the bottle says “sold out” then all bottles have been purchased. As always, we appreciate your interest in the beer and your support and understanding of our efforts as a small boutique brewery.


Here are the details on the beer:

Hawaiian Inspired BA Stout with Coconut, Macademia Nut & Vanilla Beans
12.3% ABV

Nucifera showcases bold barrel character and Aloha-inspired flavors. This beer is aged in freshly-emptied bourbon barrels to pull notes of spice, black treacle, and a hint of dark cherry. It is then layered with raw organic coconut, hand toasted organic macadamia nuts from San Diego County, and organic Tahitian vanilla bean. Luxurious and dark chocolate-mousse like, send your taste buds on a vacation with this tropical liquid.

NUCIFERA bottles are $32 / 22oz + Eventbrite fee, with a limit of 1 bottle per person.


On sale: November 26th at 10am until November 28th (or when bottles sell out).

Sale Link here

Pickup Window: December 7th – December 15th


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Limited Release Bottle


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