Miramar, Bottle / Can Release

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Bottle Sale: Lief & The Lost Voyage

For our next bottle sale, we’ve got two special releases for you! First up is the second batch of a Sour Ale that’s been in the making for three years. And second, we introduce a brand new Barrel Aged Ale inspired by historical expeditions to the Arctic!

Here are the details:

Méthode Traditionnelle – 3 Year Blend
Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels
7% ABV

Our second batch blend of one, two, and three year old spontaneously fermented ale produced in San Diego and inspired by the Belgian process of making traditional Lambic. California grown Pilsner malt and raw, unmalted wheat provide the foundation of this blend, which was inoculated solely by wild yeast and microorganisms indigenous to the Miramar area.

Warm-aged hops added to the boil provide aromas of funk and earthiness. High levels of carbonation make for a brew that practically dances on your tongue, while enhancing the notes of funk, with a taste of fine cork. The light sourness up front gives way to a smooth and refined finish, dry and refreshing.

LIEF bottles are $17 / 375ml + Eventbrite fee, with a limit of 6 bottles per person.


Arctic Ale Aged in Portuguese Tawny Port Barrels
*Collaboration with Barreled Souls Brewing Company
13% ABV

Brewed with our friends at Barreled Souls, The Lost Voyage pays homage to the Arctic Ale, the king of Burton Ales. Based on a beer brewed for exploration of the North-west Passage in 1851, this ale was designed to not freeze in the sub-zero climate of the Arctic and bring warmth and nourishment to the sailors trapped in the Arctic wastes. Our version was brewed with heirloom Maris Otter Barley Malt from England as well as dark caramel syrup replicating brewing sugars of the era. It was then aged a year in Portuguese Tawny Port Barrels, providing this stately sipper vinous notes of oak, sticky toffee pudding, and candied fruit.

THE LOST VOYAGE bottles are $30 / 22oz + Eventbrite fee, with a limit of 2 bottles per person.


On sale: March 5th at 10am until March 8th (or when bottles sell out).

Sale Link here: https://thelostvoyageandliefbottles.eventbrite.com

Pickup Window: March 14th – March 22nd

Limited Release Bottles