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Bottle Sale: Hazelsaurus Rex & Euphorik with Blackberry

For our next bottle sale, we bring back the Rex series as well as introduce a new variant of Euphorik!

Here are the details:

Imperial Stout w/ Coffee, Vanilla, & Hazelnuts
14% ABV

A massive Imperial Stout, with a long delicious flavor tail of rich hazelnut and a dose of coffee that adds complexity. Hefty in both mouthfeel and ABV, with a smooth sippability and flavors that linger on the palate.

HAZELSAURUS REX bottles are $26 / 22oz + Eventbrite fee

Barrel Aged Feral Ale with Blackberries
7% ABV

Euphorik with Blackberry is our take on the American Wild Ale conditioned on local organic blackberries from JR Organics and designed to activate, engage and delight the senses. Aged in formerly Pinot Noir French Oak from Napa Valley, these unique beers will take you on a journey of complexity in which you can smell and taste all the subtle ingredients that have come together over the years to form a flavor that we can only call… “Euphorik”.

EUPHORIK WITH BLACKBERRY bottles are $15 / 375ml + Eventbrite fee

On sale: May 1st at 10am until May 3rd (or when bottles sell out).

Sale Link here:

Pickup Window: May 11th – June 30th

Limited Release Bottles