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Beer Slushie Collaboration

Alright, this time we’re coming at you with some Fall Flavor collaborations for our upcoming beer slushies. We paired up with our good friends at Scoops On Tap again to bring you some really innovative recipes using their hand-made ice cream!

Collaboration with Scoops On Tap
Maplesaurus Rex with Pumpkin Spiced Ice Cream, garnished with a Pumpkin Spiced Sugar Rim
9.4% ABV

This is a blend of Maplesaurus Rex (Imperial Stout with Maple) and Scoops on Tap’s custom made Organic Cream and Milk Ice Cream with fresh Pumpkin Puree, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Madagascar Vanilla.

Collaboration with Scoops On Tap
Crème de la Pêche with Madeline Lemon Grape Sorbet, garnished with a Coconut Sugar Rim
4.35% ABV

This is a blend of Crème de la Pêche (Peach Vanilla Cream Ale) and Scoops on Tap’s custom made Fresh Oak Chip Aged Eureka Lemon and White Grape Sorbet, finished with a Clingstone Red Beauty Peach swirl. This Ice Cream was then infused with Madeline, our Barrel Aged Farmhouse Saison.

We will be pouring these slushies beginning Friday and through the weekend, while supplies last.

Here’s a bit about Scoops On Tap:

1. Handcrafted – Their passion every day is to make ice creams with love that are just ridiculously delicious.
2. Local and Organic – This means working with local farms and businesses to find the best possible ingredients.
3. For Everyone – I scream you scream we all scream for different ice creams! They make something for everyone, from handcrafted signatures to vegan creams and sorbets.
4. Beer-Infused – That’s right, they did it! As it turns out beer and ice cream is a match made in dessert heaven. That’s why they made an entire line of ice cream dedicated to craft beer goodness.

We look forward to seeing you!