Balboa Park

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Balboa Park Tap Room Re-Opening (again)!

We are excited to announce that we will be re-opening our Balboa Park tap room (again!) for on site enjoyment on the outside patio on July 16th!
Important notes about our re-opening:
*Please note: We are moving with the mandates as they change, so please note that all of the following is subject to change and could change at any time.
In compliance with local mandates, we will be partnering with URBN Pizza so you can enjoy some pizza along with your beer. Each tab is required to purchase at least one food item. To place an order for food, you will purchase a food token/ticket from us (along with your beer), and then the token/ticket can be redeemed at the URBN Pizza food truck.
We will be operating for outdoor dining with current social distance restrictions. All seating areas will be spaced 6 feet apart, and will be sanitized between each party. Face masks must be worn at all times other than while you are seated and enjoying your beer and food. Please note due to the circumstances, we will have limited seating, and we will be operating on a first come, first served basis.
Starting July 16th, we will be open for drinking on site Thursday – Sunday, and we will be open for door-service of to-go beer only Monday – Wednesday. The following schedule will remain until further notice:
  • Monday – Wednesday: 11am-6pm for to-go beer only
  • Thursday – Friday: 11am-2pm for to-go beer only, 2pm-10pm for dine in & to-go
  • Saturday: 11am-10pm for dine in & to-go
  • Sunday: 11am-8pm for dine in & to-go
In the meantime (until July 16th), we remain open every day for door-service of to-go beer only.