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2021 Cellar Cyndicate Membership Sale

Pure Project’s 2021 Cellar Cyndicate Membership goes on sale on Tuesday, September 22nd at 10am! They will remain on sale until September 24th at 11:59pm PDT, OR when memberships sell out.
The Cellar Cyndicate Membership is priced at $250 (+tax & Eventbrite Fee).
2021 membership benefits, which are designed for one person, will commence on January 1st, 2021, and conclude on December 31st, 2021.
We anticipate this to be a very high demand sale with an extremely limited number of memberships, and we recommend being on the page initiating the purchase right at 10am PST.
Due to the anticipated demand and limited availability, it is very likely that not everyone trying to get a membership will get a membership, so please know that going in.
If the membership says “unavailable” then all available memberships are currently in carts to be purchased. If any carts are dropped or purchases not completed, the memberships will be added back to inventory and become available to purchase again on a first to initiate basis. If the membership says “sold out” then all memberships have been purchased.
As always, we appreciate your interest in the membership and your support and understanding of our efforts as a small boutique brewery during these trying times.
Check out all the details on the membership below:


14 Barrel Aged Beers Bottles (a mixture of sour and clean beers), including:
  • 4 Cellar Cyndicate Exclusive 375ml Bottles
  • 4 22oz Bottles
  • 6 375ml Bottles
2021 Cellar Cyndicate Exclusive Merchandise Pack:
  • 1 Cellar Cyndicate Glass
  • Other Cellar Cyndicate merch items available for add on. Options include T-shirt, Sweatshirt, and Custom Can Chiller
Bottle Club Perks:
  • Presale Access to all Bottle Releases
  • Presale Access to all Can Releases
  • Pre-Public Access to 2022 Cellar Cyndicate Memberships
  • Presale on events in 2021 if occur
  • 10% off crowler and growler fills throughout the year
  • Extended Pickup Window (You have all of 2021 to pick-up your bottles)
  • Assigned proxy that will have the ability to pick up cans and bottles are your behalf
  • Access to rare Cellar Sale
If you have any questions regarding the membership, please email [email protected] before you purchase and before the sale goes live.


4 of the 14 included bottles are aged and blended specifically for you and other Cellar Cyndicate members (not available to the public).

The beers will be released as they are ready.



In 2021, as a company, we plan to release bottles that are included in the Cellar Cyndicate membership, and bottles that are not included as well.

As a Cellar Cyndicate member, you will have the right to purchase additional bottles before the public sale. 



As a Cellar Cyndicate member, you will have access to a member only cellar sale, where cellared bottles and/or previous exclusive bottles may become available.

This sale will take place in early 2021 and will be a first come, first served online sale first offered to Select members, and then to general members if bottles remain.



All 2021 Cellar Cyndicate bottles & merchandise must be picked up at our Miramar location by the end of the year. They can be picked up by either the member or their designated proxy. 

We will not ship beer.



Bottles will be held for Cellar Cyndicate members throughout the full 2021 calendar year, however we highly encourage you to pick them up as the bottles are released.

Any bottles unclaimed by Dec 31, 2021 will be forfeit back to Pure Project.



As a Cellar Cyndicate member, you are allowed to designate a proxy. Your proxy will be able to do the following on your behalf:

-Pick up bottles & merchandise

-Attend presale can release date

NOTE: You are only allowed to change your proxy one time over the course of the year


The Cellar Cyndicate is a bottle club. We also give members presale access to our can releases, but this is only a perk. Being a member does not guarantee you cans. To get presale access, you or your proxy will need to be present on the presale can release days to obtain cans. Presale cans will be available at all 3 of our tap room locations.


2021 Cellar Cyndicate members will have pre-public access to 2022 Cellar Cyndicate memberships. The number of 2022 memberships available is not yet determined, but all 2021 members will have the ability to re-apply.

NOTE: 2021 Cellar Cyndicate Select Members will have first rights to memberships, followed by Cellar Cyndicate Members and then the remaining memberships will be offered to the public.


Cellar Cyndicate glasses & add on merchandise will be available for pickup in early 2021. All members will be notified when available.



2021 currently remains unclear due to current governmental and public health restrictions, however IF we have any major events, Cellar Cyndicate members will have pre-sale access to purchase tickets to ticketed events.



The 2021 Cellar Cyndicate membership will run January 1st – December 31st, 2021. 

All beer & merchandise purchased and included with the membership may be stored at Pure Project until December 31st, 2021. 



Pure Project has the right to terminate your membership at any time and refund the prorated amount of unclaimed bottles.

Persons are allowed to have one membership. If you are found to have multiple memberships or are buying for resale, your membership will be terminated without refund. 

Purchase on Eventbrite (Available Tuesday September 22nd at 10am PDT)


Purchase on Eventbrite

Purchase on Eventbrite (Available Tuesday September 22nd at 10am PDT)


Purchase on Eventbrite