Draft Only Release

Worlds Away

Release Date:
March 28, 2020

Worlds Away

Beer Style:

Murky Triple IPA with Cashmere, Motueka, Nelson & Huell Melon Hops



Our constant search for high quality ingredients has taken us around the world, literally. We’re always excited to get directly to the source, meet the farmers, and see their fields and operations up close. Last year, our head brewer Winslow went to the Pacific Northwest and also to New Zealand doing hop selection – hand picking some of the varieties of hops that we’re using in this year’s brews. Our latest Murky Triple IPA creation uses some of these hand-picked varieties – Motueka & Nelson from Freestyle Hops in New Zealand – along with Cashmere from Idaho, and Huell Melon from Germany to conjure up a bouquet of flavors of aromas that will take your senses on a journey to worlds away.


Worlds Away

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