Seasonal Release

Roes Red

Available: October, November, December

Roes Red

Beer Style:

Flanders Style Red Ale Aged in Oak Barrels



A Flanders Red named after the Belgian town of Roeselare where the style originally developed.  This style is near and dear to Winslow’s heart after living in Bordeaux reminds him of Belgian Beer bars in the area.

This red features a strong cherry aroma and a complex malt background of dark dates and figs, showcasing a bright cherry aroma over sour lactic and acetic strains.  The complexity of this beer is driven by the yeast.

The yeast is Winslow’s proprietary blend containing multiple sachro, brett, pedio, lacto, and acetic strains, with Belgian origins. Following almost a decade of selection, and surviving a fire in the cellar below, this yeast has become its own unique blend designed specifically to work well in light-bodied, fruity red wine barrels.  The barrels used to age this beer are French Oak and were previously used to hold Pinot Noir in Napa Valley.



Roes Red

available on draft at these locations February 3rd

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