Limited Release


Release Date:
October 1, 2020


Beer Style:

Barrel Aged Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse Saison



One of the very first beers we brewed here at Pure Project, Madeline is inspired by the old school Farmhouse Saisons of Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium. Madeline is a blend of mixed fermentation Saisons aged in French oak barrels. Starting with one base beer, we separate it to barrel age with 3 different mixed cultures, and then blend these 3 beers back into the final product in bottles. One of the cultures we use is a native California wild yeast, domesticated from unpasteurized apple juice from Placerville, CA.
The cultures we use in Madeline have changed a bit over time, but they ultimately produce a light and effervescent brew with the color of golden straw. Aromas and flavors of hay, pineapple and farmhouse funk emerge upfront along with noticeable tartness over a background of oak.
There are a limited number of Madeline bottles still available, while supplies last. Click here to check out what’s available at each location.

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