Limited Release

Intuitive Knowledge

Release Date:
July 9, 2020

Intuitive Knowledge

Beer Style:

Wine Barrel Aged Sour with Cherry, Plum & Blackberry



In Collaboration with:

Mission Trail Cider House

Our passion for celebrating agriculture is embodied in this collaboration with our friends at Mission Trail. Intuitive Knowledge is patiently matured in Mission Trail Jerkum (100% stone fruit wine) barrels then generously fruited with hand-selected California cherry, plum and second-use blackberry. Showcasing an attractive ruby red hue, this beer is a beautiful medley of fruit, acidity, and barrel character. The uniqueness of these barrels, our expressive sour house cultures, and attention to fruit selection makes this a true stand out!


There are a limited number of Intuitive Knowledge bottles still available, while supplies last. Click here to check out what’s available at each location.

Intuitive Knowledge

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