Limited Release

Euphorik with Strawberry

Release Date:
November 12, 2020

Euphorik with Strawberry

Beer Style:

Oak Barrel Aged Feral Ale with Strawberries



Euphorik with Strawberry is our take on the American Wild Ale. Conditioned on 1,200 pounds of local organic strawberries from J.R. Organics and aged in formerly pinot noir French oak from Napa Valley, this unique beer will delight the senses with flavors and aromas of sweet strawberry shortcake, lemon, and subtle Brettanomyces. Our head brewer, Winslow, has spent years creating a proprietary yeast strain specifically for this beer; it provides both the initial funk and the lingering bite that will make you remember the entire experience as purely…”Euphorik.”

Sensory Notes

  • Appearance: Coral Pink Color, White Head
  • Aroma: Strawberry Jam, Shortcake, Sweet Floral, Tangy
  • Flavor: Strawberry, Bright Lemony Acidity, Subtle Funky Brett, Oak
  • Mouthfeel: Medium Low Body, Soft Tannins, Medium – Low Acidity


*Euphorik with Strawberry bottles will be released at all 3 taproom locations and for CA & NV shipping on Thursday, November 12th. All online orders begin at 9am, Taprooms open & Pickups begin at 11am. 

Price: $15 / 375ml

Limit: 6 bottles per person.

Please check out all the details of this Public Sale here.

Euphorik with Strawberry

Other Bottles Being Released November 12th