Hospitality Manager

The Hospitality Manager oversees guest experience, Team Members’ training, performance & culture in all Pure Project’s Taprooms. This position is responsible for working directly with the taproom leadership to ensure a positive experience for guests and Team Members. The Hospitality Manager is the direct report of all the Taproom General Managers. 


  • 5+ Years of working in the hospitality industry in a management position.
  • Excellent managerial skills and the ability to lead, motivate, and communicate with Team Members and guests effectively.
  • Hands-on experience in customer service and management.
  • A sustainable mindset to maintain and implement strategies aligned with Pure Project’s ethos.
  • Flexible work schedule – occasional evenings and weekends may be required. 
  • A reliable way of transportation – travel to Pure Project’s locations on a weekly basis.


  1. Customer Service & Guest Experiences. Oversees guest satisfaction by monitoring, evaluating, and auditing all on-site taproom services, including on-site event experiences. Building relationships with patrons and promoting improvements that will enhance customer service. 
  2. Leadership, Training & Performance. Main Point of Contact between Pure Project’s leadership and taproom team. Provide guidance and feedback to help others strengthen specific knowledge/skill. Address team’s needs and support tapoom leadership in challenging situations. Oversees the execution of training programs in all taprooms positions. Support and inspire the Team in all aspects of their work.
  3. Ethos & Culture.  Help grow the company ethos, establish relationships, and maintain the company culture. Constantly work to establish a highly motivated work environment and create innovative approaches for improvement.

Details of Responsibilities:

  • Customer Service & Guest Experiences:
    • Ensure Team Members and Managers are treating guests up to Pure Project standards. 
    • Review service approach,  suggest and support improvements.
    • Support GMs in any Guest Related challenges and help the Team to manage challenging Guest related issues. 
    • Coach GMs and Team Members through actions about our culture and connection to guests and the importance of it.
    • Take feedback and relay it to Pure Projects’ Leadership Team for any suggestions or improvements.
    • Ensure the TapRoom environment (visual, audible, cleanliness & esthetics ) is following Pure Project standards.
    • Review Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews bi-weekly and coach the GM and Team Members on ways to improve the experience. Support on replying to negative comments and action for improvement.


  • Leadership, Training & Performance:
      1. Leadership
        1. Direct report for GMs and their performances.
        2. Responsible for creating strategies to achieve department goals. Oversee efficiency in each taproom location (operations and service);
        3. Oversee Retail location’s P&L reports and work with GMs to address possible improvements;
        4. Determine weekly pre-shift topics for all locations to promote company goals and values; ensure timely communication to the entire FOH staff.
        5. Oversee all recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes of all locations;
        6. Support and deliver write up’s and PIPs for negative behavior;
        7. Oversee scheduling;
        8. Coaching, counseling, and role development for Team Members to succeed in their positions;
        9. Communicating job expectations; 
        10. Review and plan role contributions. Redistribute workloads and hire as needed;
        11. Planning and reviewing compensation plans and actions; 
        12. Enforcing policies and procedures. 
      2. Training
        1. Ensure all Team Members are educated and supported on all Pure Project’s products, beer styles, company processes, and ethos to develop successful and meaningful roles within Pure Project;
        2. Guide taproom leadership to become strong leaders for their team and provide the support and knowledge they need to build confidence in running their locations.
        3. Oversee and assist in developing training programs with taproom GMs,  Education, and other departments:
          1. Coach Team Members on different sales techniques and pitches; Design ongoing sales goals and provide strategies to achieve sales needs;
          2. Deliver GM onboarding and ongoing training and mentorship;
        4. Find strengths within individuals and utilize them whenever possible to allow them to feel empowered and cultivate a deeper connection to their purpose;
      3. Performance
        1. Weekly check-in meetings to ensure all GMs are on track with goals and tasks;
        2. Ensure Performance Reviews are delivered by the GMs (90-days and annual reviews);
        3. Train and coach GMs on effective delivery of Performance Reviews;
        4. Participate in Performance Reviews when needed;
        5. Suggest Performance Improvements Plans and work with HR and GMs for the delivery of PIP meetings. 
        6. Oversee employee write-ups and termination meetings.


  • Ethos & Culture:
    • Build meaningful relationships within Pure Project and the community.
    • Engage in meaningful conversations with a focus on people and culture. Talk about challenges, aspirations, and any support needed. 
    • Be present consistently in the TapRooms with the goal of creating rapport with the team. 
    • Maintain and create sustainable initiatives with alignment to Pure Project’s ethos.
    • Promote events, volunteerism, and community activities that align with Pure Project ethos;
    • Encourage participation in formal and informal team-building events. Provide support to GMs, if needed.
    • Understands and vocalizes sustainability and giving aspects of the business, like 1% for the Planet, certifications, nonprofit partners, etc.


Please submit your resume and cover letter via our Indeed Page.