Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Fill Blank Growlers?
– Yes, we fill blank growlers.  Of course, we prefer that your growler is insulated with a flip top or that you purchase one of our world class, double wall insulated, Miir growlers as they are the best for the beer.  They keep the beer cold for 24 hours and because of the flip top, it will ensure that when the beer makes it to your home you have the same experience you had in our tasting room.

Do You Fill Other Brewery Growlers?
– Yes, we fill other brewery growlers but due to ABC requirements we must cover up any information related to the other brewery.

Is Your Beer Vegan?
– Yes, our beer is vegan.  We do not use any additives or fining agents such as Isinglass, Silicon Dioxide, Gelatin, or Bone Char in our beers.  In fact, we don’t even filter our beers.  We focus on using pure ingredients.  NOTE: From time to time, some of our beers may contain honey or lactose which will be listed in the beer descriptions.

Is Your Beer Gluten Reduced or Gluten Free?
– The quick answer is, No.  The majority of our beers are not gluten free or gluten reduced.  From time to time we do have a “Gluten Reduced” beer on tap such as our Sensei which consists of about 15% Organic Torrefied Rice.

Do You Sell Non-alcoholic Beer?
– No, we currently do not offer any non-alcoholic beer for sale.  On the other hand, we do offer free water and have flavored beverages for sale.  Please call ahead and see what’s available, or ask your beer server when you visit.

Do You Offer Food?
– We do not have a commercial kitchen, however most Fridays & Saturdays we have Food Trucks/Tents serving food outside.  Check our events calendar online for a list of upcoming food trucks.  In addition, we do offer Bitchin’ Sauce and Bitchin’ Chips for sale to our customers and sometimes we have FREE Snacks available.

Are Your Beers Organic?
– While it is always our goal to source organic and sustainable whenever possible, our beers are not certified organic.  We are always on the lookout for high quality and substantially different varieties of malts.  In order to not sacrifice the quality of the beer, we source many of our grains from Europe where they have higher agricultural standards.  In addition, the majority of any adjuncts such as fruits & spices tend to be sourced both organic and sustainably.

Do you Bottle or Can?
– Currently we hand bottle only our barrel aged beers.  These beers are available in limited releases.  If you are interested in purchasing our bottles when they become available, please register for our mailing list.  In the future, we plan to consider limited releases of our house beers in cans.  Stay tuned for more information on that.  Otherwise, the majority of our beers are available to take home from our tasting room in a growler of your choice.

Are You Kid Friendly?
– Kids are always welcome at the brewery.  We don’t have a specific play area setup for the kiddos, but by all means feel free to bring them with you!

Are You Dog Friendly?
– The short answer is Yes, and the long answer is “only if the dog is friendly!”.  We have a water dish and free treats for your furry friend.  Please make sure to keep them on a leash at all times and to make sure to have respect of your fellow patrons space while in our tasting room.