Bottle Sale: Phoenix Shadows W/ Maple and Roes Red


Bottle Sale: Phoenix Shadows W/ Maple and Roes Red

We have two new bottles coming out this December, one variant of a fan favorite and the other a GABF Medal Winner.

Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ Coconut, Vanilla, and Maple Syrup
14.7% ABV
*Collab w/ Horus Aged Ales

$30 per 22oz bottle, limit 2 bottles per person.

Flanders Style Red Ale Aged in Oak Barrels
7% ABV

$28 per 750ml bottle, limit 4 bottles per person

Both bottles will go onsale Thursday Morning at 10am.

Pick up Window: December 22nd-30th

Link will be released closer to day of the sale

IMPORTANT NOTE: There was very high demand for the last bottle of Phoenix Shadows. To put that into perspective, our analytics showed that 3-4x more people hit the page than there were bottles available. The Universe platform performed well and the bottles sold out on a first to process basis. That said, when the demand is much greater than the bottles, there will unfortunately be those who are not able to purchase.

For this release there are even fewer bottles available. To help increase the number of people who can purchase bottles, we have reduced the maximum number of bottles allowed to 2 per person. In addition, we have made an adjustment to the Universe platform based on feedback and to help expedite the checkout process. We have eliminated the need to input your name/email multiple times, you will now only need to input this information once (also if you pre-populate your universe account ahead of time, it will fill in your name/email for you when signed in).

We appreciate everyone’s continued support and simply request that in the event bottles are not obtained that respect be maintained for the employees working hard to take care of our customers, put on these sales and make these beers available to the public.