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Saturday Sessions: Ash Easton

Join us every Saturday for music in our Vista taproom!

This week: Ash Easton performs Saturday, March 12th from 7-9pm. No cover.

We look forward to seeing you!


About Ash Easton:

Ash Easton is a radiant product of suburban San Marcos, California. At a young age she was exposed to the kind of music that would mold her as a human and a musician. This same music would also inspire her to attempt to stand out among her nine competitive siblings.

Artists such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Whitney Houston, the Temptations, and Linda Ronstadt distinctly shaped her voice and singing style. Her formative years were spent taking vocal lessons and singing in a choir, which led her and her band of vocalists to Hungary, Germany, and Russia to showcase their burgeoning talent. Along with this invaluable traveling and singing experience, Ash Easton pursued three years of classical music during that time in an effort to perfect her range of talent.

She began her solo musical journey singing in churches and then started writing her own music, which she took to bars and restaurants to perform. She has been playing all over San Diego for the last five years, sharing her original songs with enamored audiences and lucky bystanders alike. Not content to simply play astounding music, over the years ASH has established a resolute nature that compliments her music in a beautifully mighty way.

Ash Easton has been influenced by artists such as  Whitney Houston, Brandi Carlile, the Black Keys, and Jack White. She has shared the stage with notable artists such as POD, Shane Hall, Gavin DeGraw, Anderson East, and Malachi Henry and the Lights. This amalgam of influential singers and songwriters yielded a style of music which could be defined as Americana Soul. Her voice pierces hearts and gratifies ears, all while challenging the modern formulaic female sound. HLLNDR’s art is forthright, raw, and lacks any trace of bubble gum, boy toys, or fairy tales.

The debut album, “From the Ashes,” is the aftermath of pushing head-on into her own brush fires. The same fires that scorch everything around it also refine her talent and persistence — a talent that threatens those with less tenacity and a combustible persistence that cannot be ignored. Emerging from the ashes, Ash Easton is ready to flick matches all over today’s music scene. 

ASH EASTON’s debut album under the name HLLNDR dropped in January and can be found on all listening platforms.